Lab Members


Dr. Tim Vickery (Principal Investigator)
Assistant Professor
Dept of Psychological and Brain Sciences
University of Delaware
Dr. Valerie Beck (Postdoctoral Associate)

Valerie joined us in 2016 after receiving her PhD from University of Iowa, where she studied visual working memory and attention with Dr. Andrew Hollingworth. Previously, she worked as a lab manager for Dr. Steve Luck at UC-Davis. Valerie is interested in high-level vision and visual cognition, and has expertise in eye-tracking. As a member of the lab, she will extend her expertise to include neuroimaging with MRI.

Su Hyoun Park (Graduate Student)

Su Hyoun joined us in 2015 from Yonsei University in Korea, where she studied with Dr. Min-Shik Kim and earned her BA and MA. Her research interests include neural mechanisms underlying social cognition and affiliate behavior and the cognitive and neural bases of reward processing. Site:

Leeland Rogers (Graduate Student)

Leeland came to our lab in 2015 after obtaining his Masters at Villanova University, working with Dr. Irene Kan. He earned his undergraduate degree at Temple University. Leeland has interests in visual learning and reward, amongst other topics.


Greg Wade (Graduate Student)

Greg joined our lab in 2015 after earning a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State, where he worked with Dr. Brad Wyble. He is interested in visual cognition, and particularly in the potential role of semantic information in visual processing and attention.

Corey Beinhart (Undergraduate Researcher)
Jayesh Gupta (Undergraduate Researcher)  DSC_0613 copy
Kenjin Chang (Undergraduate Researcher)

Alumni Lab Members

Sarah Sweigart (Honors thesis) Now: Lab manager in Kuhl lab, U of Oregon DSC_0609
Rachel Bristol (Lab Manager) Now: PhD student at UC-San Diego Rachel
Nicholas Angelides (Lab Manager) Now: PhD student at UC Berkeley DSC_0612
Jason Rubinstein (undergraduate) Now: PhD student at Rutgers University DSC_0611
Jamie Williams (undergraduate) Now: Graduate student at Palo Alto University
Kyle Friedman (undergraduate / masters) Now: Research assistant at Albert Einstein Medical DSC_0608
Jared Beneroff (undergraduate)